How to Watch The Oscar 2020 Live Streaming Online

Watch the Oscar 2020

We all are familiar with the word “Oscar.” Yes, this festival is knocking at the door and I am sure billion people are eagerly awaiting this prestigious award ceremony.

Happily informing you that this 92nd Academy Award is going to be held on 9th February 2020. We all are excited but one thing is creating disappointment inside us. It is not easy for every country’s people to enjoy this ceremony. Worry not, I am here with the best solution.

It is easy for the USA, UK and some other country’s people to watch it live and easily. But many people do not have the way to watch it live. With the progress of technology, we have many advantages. One of the greatest advantages is live streaming technology. Yes, there are many ways to watch the Oscar 2020 live.

Mainly there are many live streaming channels. More than 225 countries are streaming the Oscar 2020 live. Besides, some online sites and live channels are also live stream the Oscar 2020.

Let’s come to the main point. This article is all about the Oscar 2020 live stream. Here I will show you the Oscar 2020 live stream channels and other ways to watch the Oscar live stream 2020. So keep reading the article.


What is Oscar 2020?

“Oscar” is the most prestigious award for all Hollywood stars. From the very early time being Oscar is given to different categories of the film industry with honor and respect. Oscar can be said the most gorgeous award ceremony. Oscar is also named as “Academy Award”.

In this year 2020, 92nd Academy Award will take place with magnificent circumstances. The Oscar festival will be presented by AMPAS( Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science). This respective award show will be placed at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California in the United States. This year’s 92nd Academic Award will be held on 9th February. This 92nd Oscar will honor the best films in 2019. The award function will start at 3.30 PM (PST). The ABC television will telecast the award function live.


History of Oscar

The Oscar is an award function with international respect and recognition in the film industry’s achievements. In different categories, this award is given to film stars.

The history of Oscar is very old. For the first time Academy Award was held on 16 May 1929. This first Oscar award held at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at a private dinner party. That time there were 270 audiences.

There is an argument over the origin of the name “Oscar “. Many people at different times claim that the name Oscar is mainly based on someone’s name. But it is still not clear on whose name Oscar is named. Academy Award got official name Oscar in 1939.

The most prestigious Academy Award is well known as “the Oscar statuette”. The statuette is made of gold-plated bronze on a black metal base. It is 13.5 inches tall and its weight is 3.856 kg. The respective award mainly explains a Knight holding a sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes. These five spokes represent the five branches of Academy (Actor, Director, Producer, Technician, Writer). And the sword represents the protection of the progress and welfare of this industry. The statuette is on the Art Deco style.

A metal shortage during world war 2, Oscars were made of plasters those three years. After the world war, the Academy invited those recipients again and they have compensated the plastered statuettes for the gold plated metal statuettes.

It was the year 2000, before the week of the award-giving ceremony, the final shipment of Oscars was stolen. Now the Academy stays alert and always keeps prepared another additional Oscar statue in a vault just in case of any other accident.

So, these are the authentic history of Oscar. From 90 years this trophy is most cherishable and desirable for the film industry.


How to Watch Oscar 2020 Live

Well, the very first thing I want to say is the ABC channel. ABC channel has got the central broadcasting role of Oscar 2020. They will stream the whole ceremony live on their channel. You can watch it on your TV or having connected with the cable operator.

Another fact is ABC channel is not available in many countries. Worry not, they will also offer the online services. So it is not necessary to watch it directly on the TV. You can use your mobile, tablet, pc to watch ABC Oscars 2020 live.

Keep in mind one fact, ABC networks only allow their subscribers to watch the Oscar 2020 live online on their site.


Oscar 2020 Without Cable Online Live Streaming Sites

Most of the people are waiting for this part. If you don’t have the access to ABC, don’t worry. I am here with so many options. There are different popular sites so are going to stream it live.

There is a little fact. Most of the sites make it free for their subscribers. You may have the question now that means it is not free. No, it is free for many sites.

Most of the sites offer a trail subscribe for 7 days or 15 days. You can subscribe there for 7 days and watch water the 2020 Oscar live stream. I think you will also get some pre-festival ceremony on the sites.

It is not a difficult job to sign up there. It will take the highest 5 minutes to complete the sign-up process. If you are already a subscriber then you have no more hassle. Just maintain the time and enter your site. Watch Oscars live streaming free there. Here I am showing a list of live streaming sites.

  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu Live TV
  • Direct TV now
  • PlayStation view

These are the most common sites and I think you are familiar with any of them. There are some other sites who are going to stream it live. I think you will be able to watch it live in any of the following sites.


Oscar 2020 Live Streaming Location-Based TV Channel List

I have already mentioned 225+ countries are streaming the Oscar 2020 live. If you are able to get it from your regular cable or satellite service then it is the best option to watch it. There is no hassle to them on the regular channels.

Good news for you. I have collected the location-based channels that are streaming the Oscars 2020 ceremony live. Check out the list. If you find any channel remain in your cable network then you can watch it on the here. Here is the list.

United Kingdom: Sky

Australia: Nine Network

Asia: HBO Asia

Russia: Channel One

Brazil: Globo

Africa: M-Net

China: Mango TV or CCTV-6

Canada: CTV Television Network

Hong Kong: TVB

Germany: ProSieben

Holland: SBS

Middle East: OSN

Japan: Wowow or NHK

Taiwan: Taiwan Television Enterprises

France: Canal+ France


The Red Carpet Interview and Backstage Streaming

People have so much excitement about the 92nd Academic Award. They are searching here and there “How to live stream Oscars?” They are also searching for the red carpet interview and pre-streaming access.

Well, ABC channel and some other reputed channels are going to stream the Oscar and pre-festival live conditions. So keep watching them about 1 hour earlier before the ceremony is started. I am sure that you will also be able to watch them live.

I am adding an additional point to inform you about the official website of Oscar. In 2018, the Oscar red carpet interview was streamed live on They also streamed it live on the official Facebook page is Oscar.

So there is a chance to stream it live again on their official site and Facebook page. So keep an eye there to watch it live for free.



I have already described the main purpose of the article. Mainly I tried to show you the ways to watch Oscars live streaming free. Once upon a time, it was really hard to get it live. These days it is easier and fully free. But most people are not aware of the ways.

I have described the center broadcasting channel ABC and its official site first. Then I have shown the best part. I have described the common sites to watch live stream Oscar 2020. Only one thing you need to do is just a free trial sign up.

I am aware of the fact is many people are not aware of their cable channel. I have also provided a list of the channel that will stream the Oscar 2020 ceremony. I have also mentioned the location. Check out all the channels of your TV and you may get a match.

In the last past, I have described the way to enjoy the red carpet interview and other pre functional arrangements. Some people are also excited about these pre functional streaming.

I think you will get everything about Oscars 2020 online live streaming in this article. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Thank you.